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Title: When I'm Gone.
Contributing Artist: Eminem
Genre: Pop, Music, Indo Pop
Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3)
Audio Summary: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s

Lirik lagu: When I'm Gone. - Eminem

[id: ev_uwlvbkqs [al:Curtain Calls [ar:Eminem [ti:When Im Gone
It's my life...
My own words I guess...

[st Verse
Have you ever loved someone so much, you'd give an arm for?
Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
When they know they're your heart
And you know you were their armour
And you will destroy anyone who would try and harm 'em
But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you?
And everything you stand for, turns on you, despite you?
What happens when you become the main source of a pain?
Daddy look what I made, Dad's gotta go catch a plane
Daddy where's Mommy? I can't find Mommy where is she?
I don't know go play Hailie, baby, your Daddy's busy
Daddy's writing this song, this song ain't gonna write itself
I'll give you one underdog then you gotta swing by yourself
Then turn right around on that song and tell her you love her
And put hands of her mother, who's a spitting image of her
That's Slim Shady, yeah baby, Slim Shady's crazy
Shady made me, but tonight Shady's rocka-by-baby...


And when I'm gone, just carry on... don't mourn

Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice

Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling
And I didn't a thing, So baby don't feel no pain

Just smile back

And I didn't feel a thing, So baby don't feel no pain

Just smile back...
[nd Verse
I keep having this dream, I'm pushin' Hailie on the swing
She keeps screaming, she don't want me to sing
You're making Mommy cry, why? Why is Mommy crying?
Baby Daddy ain't leaving no more, Daddy you're lying
You always say that, you always say this is the last time
But you ain't leaving no more, Daddy you're mine
She's piling boxes in front of the door trying to block it
Daddy please, Daddy don't leave, Daddy - no stop it!
Goes in her pocket, pulls out a tiny necklace locket
It's got a picture, this'll keep you safe Daddy, take it withcha'
I look up, it's just me standing in the mirror
These stinkin' walls must be talking, cuz man I can hear 'em
They're saying "You've got one more chance to do right" - and it's to-night
Now go out there and show that you love 'em before it's too late
And just as I go to walk out my bedroom door
It's turns to a stage, they're gone, and this spotlight is on
And I'm singing...
[rd Verse
Sixty thousand people, all jumping out their seat
The curtain closes, they're throwing roses at my feet
I take a bow and thank you all for coming out
They're screaming so loud, I take one last look at the crowd
I glance down, I don't believe what I'm seeing
Daddy it's me, help Mommy, her wrists are bleeding,
But baby we're in Sweden, how did you get to Sweden?
I followed you Daddy, you told me that you weren't leavin'
You lied to me Dad, and now you make Mommy sad
And I bought you this coin, it says 'Number One Dad'
That's all I wanted, I just want to give you this coin
I get the point - fine, me and Mommy are gone
But baby wait, it's too late Dad, you made the choice
Now go up there and show 'em that you love 'em more than us
That's what they want, they want you Marshall, they keep.. screamin' your name
It's no wonder you can't go to sleep, just take another pill
Yeah, I bet you you will. You rap about it, yeah, word, k-keep it real
I hear applause, all this time I couldn't see
How could it be, that the curtain is closing on me
I turn around, find a gun on the ground
Put it to my brain and scream "die Shady" and pump it
The sky darkens, my life flashes, the plane that I was supposed to be on crashes and burns to ashes
That's when I wake up, alarm clock's ringin' and there's birds singin'
It's Spring and Hailie's outside swinging, I walk up to Kim and kiss her
Tell her I miss her, Hailie just smiles and winks at her little sister
Almost as if to say..

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