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Title: There's Nothin
Contributing Artist: Sean Kingston
Genre: Pop, Music, Indo Pop
Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3)
Audio Summary: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s

Lirik lagu: There's Nothin - Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston, JR, Paula
Hey, hey
Sean Kingston, Paula D
There's nothing in this world
There's not another girl that could satisfy my needs
There's nothing in this world
There's not another boy that could make me feel so sweet
Cos me love life's so right
When she hold me so tight, how she kiss me goodnight
Cos he fills up my life
Like the Sun, he shines bright
Boy, come with me now
The first night me meet her
Yes me senorita me never want to leave her no
Because the gal look sweet and treat
And me really want to take her home
Cos she look nice and is a one of a kind
When me look up in her eyes then she got me mesmerized
Picture perfect like a Kodak moment
When she kiss me goodnight and she feeling up on me
We been there from the jump, never front, never stunt
Never done what a average girl done
And I can tell by her body language
She feels my emotions
And got me anxious
So that's me type
me and me angel
And me really have to let her know
She's the woman of my life
Oh yes she so right
So please let the chorus go
[ChorusI saw you from across the room
Looking so fly I gotta talk to you, yeah
It didn't take a sec to see
That you're the only one who wanna rescue me
I can't lie, boy you're my type of guy
And there's nothing in this world that can stop me from loving you
Girl you put me in a good mood
And me love the way you flex too
We could chill girl, after school
Cos I ain't tripping girl it's up to you
And since then we've been inseparable
Cos I did everything to get next to you
Since day you know I stay true
So ever since then it's been me and my boo
[ChorusThere's nothing in this world, there's nothing in this world
There's nothing, there's nothing
There's nothing in this world, there's nothing in this world
There's nothing, there's nothing

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