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Title: Jocelyn Flores
Contributing Artist: XXXTENTACTION
Genre: Pop, Music, Indo Pop
Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3)
Audio Summary: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s

Lirik lagu: Jocelyn Flores - XXXTENTACTION

[Intro: Shiloh Dynasty
I know you so well, so well
I mean, I can do anything that he can
I've been pretty..

[Hook: XXXTentacion
I know you're somewhere, somewhere
I've been trapped in my mind girl, I was hoping that
I don't wanna pretend there's something, we're nothing
I've been stuck thinking bout' her, can't hold back

[Verse: XXXTentacion
I'm in pain, wanna put shots in my brain
I've been tripped by some things I can't change
Suicidal, same time I maintain, fuck this thing
Get a phone call
Girl that you fuck with killed herself
How is it someone when nobody help
And ever since then, man, I hate myself
Wanna fucking end it
All wanna see me with no pot to piss in
But niggas been excited 'bout the grave I'm digging
Having conversations about my haste decisions
Fucking sickening
At the same time, memory surfaced through the grapevine
But my uncle playing with a slipknot
Postraumatic stress got me fucked up
Been fucked up since a couple months they had a nigga locked up

[Pre-Outro: XXXTentacion
I be feeling pain, I be feeling pain just to hold on
And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb
I be feeling pain, I be feeling pain just to hold on
And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb

[Outro: Shiloh Dynasty
I know you so well
I mean I can do anything he can
I've been pretty..

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