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Title: I Mean It
Contributing Artist: G-Eazy
Genre: Pop, Music, Indo Pop
Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3)
Audio Summary: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s

Lirik lagu: I Mean It - G-Eazy

[Intro - G-Eazy:You know if I say something I mean itThese things happenYeah[Hook - Remo:If I ever said I'm never scaredJust know I mean itIf I ever said I fucked your bitchJust know I mean itAnd if I ever said I'm gettin' moneyJust know I mean itAnd oh Lord oh Lord knowsHe knows I mean itYeah, you know I mean itYou know I mean itJust know I mean itJust know I mean itOh yeah oh yeah oh yeah[Verse - G-Eazy:If I say that shit then I mean itShe calls me, I screen it, I'm only fuckin' if it's convenientYou lie on pussy, that's weak shit, we pass pussy 'round, that's G shitBut you ain't fam so what is this "we" shit?You cuff yours and then leash itListen, I'm tellin' you, it's my world, I does what I wish toIf you're mad well too bad, sounds like a personal issueI walk in, they all stare like "Who the fuck is this dude?"Kicks game is just rude, don't get jiu-jitsuedTunnel visions, I get ahead, stayed solid I never fledMy haters feel like I'm better dead but I'm quite alive getting bread insteadWith a better girl, with a better face, I'm in a better place gettin' better head"I just wanna stay broke forever," yeah that's that shit no one ever said[Hook - Remo:[Verse - G-Eazy:Signed Gerald, I'm sincereThis year I'm in here, I'll spell it out to make things clearMeanwhile your end's near, I've gotta lane and I'm in gearYou people wonder who's next up, that conversation really ends hereYou rappers just talk a bunch, stress me out, I chop a dutchWeak rappers tryna bite the sound, but my style is a lot to munchI'm more like whiskey neat, and you're more like vodka punchG's dope, he might blow up, think I know, I've got a hunchOn my side it's authentic, you try to stunt but it's all rentedBut you're dope you got a bad chick, yeah, cool bro we all get itShe wears a ring, came through without itYou really think she stay true? I doubt it'Cause I'm fucking your girlfriend, and there's nothing you can do about it[Hook - Remo:

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